Frequently Asked Questions


Leather Care: SouthLife chooses to use the highest quality leather that will 
stand the test of time. Protect your investment in small batch handmade leather
goods by caring for your SouthLife products. Although not necessary, we recommend conditioning your product every several months in order to clean your item, moisturize the leather, help preserve the product, and remove scratches from general ware. 

Will my cowhide shed: Our cowhide bags are a natural animal hide product that will change over time including the possibility of shedding. Around 1 out of every 100 SouthLife cowhide bags have shed with use over time. If your bag does indeed shed, there is nothing wrong with the hide and there is nothing that you have personally done to contribute to its shed. Leather in the state that we use is organic and will continue to change over time. All customers will have a personally unique relationship with their bag, with no bag looking the same as another after loving use. If you do have a bag that has shed past the point that you like, please reach out to us at 229-220-7686 or and we will be glad to go over our options with you. 

Warranty: SouthLife Supply Co. stands behind all of our products. If there is a 
defect in the product either from manufacturing or the materials, e.g. a broken rivet, then we will gladly send you a call tag and repair your product. Please reach out to us either at 229-220-7686 or

Returns and exchangesOur products are hand-made to order so we have a NO return policy.  We do however allow for exchanges, with a receipt- or we will be glad to send you a gift card for later use as long as the original item is returned in new or like new condition. ALL custom or personalized items are final sale.  Please feel free to reach out to us at 229-220-7686 or to initiate your exchange.